Paul George: My Goal is to Win MVP

Paul George: My Goal is to Win MVP

From the sound of things, Indiana Pacers star Paul George is ready to stop being defined by the injury he suffered that cost him most of last season. Instead, it’s time to get back to PG-13 being all about elite basketball.


Love being an influence on the game I love! #NikeBasketball

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George is in Beijing as part of a Nike basketball camp to help teach the game in China, and he made a surprise visit to a diehard group of Pacers fans who call themselves the China Pacers on the 15th anniversary of the group’s establishment.
While visiting with the fans, George made it clear that he’s coming after Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Anthony Davis and anyone else who might be in the NBA MVP discussion:

“After being draft into the NBA, I was playing from the bench and then tried to be a starter, then an All-Star. My goal now is set to be MVP. This year, that hasn’t changed,” George said, according to the Indy Star.

That might be difficult next season, as voters tend to reward teams that win a lot, and the Pacers could take a significant step back minus Roy Hibbert and David West. But this is George’s team now, and that increased responsibility and the usage that comes with it should help boost his numbers and his profile on the national level in the near future.

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